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the #1-rated protection plan trusted by millions of happy customers, today released the results of its annual Clumsiest States Index.
Yes, I've been a mad b***h, yes I've been a stalker and yes I put on the clumsiest Liverpool accent to get your attention
The keys are shallow, but large and easy to locate even for the clumsiest fingers; and the accompanying touchpad supports multitouch gestures.
According to the Telegraph, using a plastic polymer instead of glass, Samsung has produced displays that can roll and bend, and survive falls and blows from the clumsiest of customers.
As I will show, at its clumsiest, least convincing yet also most popular, the new cosmopolitan writing is not really cosmopolitan at all, but consigns our fractured, closely interconnected life-world to the same hierarchies that have governed peoples' lives for centuries while paying lip service to the world's potential as a global village in continual convivial flux.
It is a tolerant bird whose flavour cannot be spoiled even by the clumsiest cook.
In contrast, Senden and Allenby are two of the clumsiest oafs around in this department.
Good news: Even the clumsiest chica can get more coordinated.
The EU's handling of Turkey's enlargement process has been "one of the (European) Union's clumsiest and most damaging foreign policy failures" with French and Austrian politicians "rushing to declare that Turkey could never join the EU, no matter what the EU's leaders had just unanimously agreed.
It is "one of the clumsiest and dumbest films ever made, [one that] attempts to portray American lost innocence, but paradoxically the filmmakers appear wonderfully naive and moronic to all generations.
But the West Bromwich Albion fan, who says "I've never been a girlie", plays down her own dance ability: "I'm so uncoordinated, the clumsiest person ever
He's the clumsiest, noisiest, nastiest, and dirtiest boy in the world--and he lives up to every accusation.