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I'm known for being the clumsiest person around so I'm always being told to be careful when I skate, especially when I speak to my mum.
And we didn't use live ammunition on set - imagine Danny Mays in a scene with me running behind him with a gun, the clumsiest actress in the world
This means you can hand them out to even the clumsiest staff members without worrying.
A cursory study of Alentajan's allegations should reveal nothing but the clumsiest logic.
However, 'this correct idea is presented by Charasoff in the clumsiest possible way', so that Marx's important idea 'is distorted by his unfortunate style of presentation to the point of making it appear ridiculous' (190809a: 380-81).
Whether your child is an aspiring Olympic athlete or the clumsiest recreational player, they should be having fun.
I'm pretty much the clumsiest man alive so could ll a book, but the most memorable incident to date was slipping and falling in the pool one day on our honeymoon and getting a standing ovation from the other guests at dinner that night.
But if you'd rather give your loved ones the personal touch, new DIY services will provide carefully measured ingredients and detailed recipes for even the clumsiest of cooks.
Is the clumsiest woman on TV really going to avoid stumbling head-first into the happy-everafter cliche her fans have been demanding?
Is the clumsiest woman on TV really going to avoid stumbling headfirst into the happy-ever-after weddedbliss cliche that her fans have been demanding?
After reviewing the video, a Houston PD spokesman declares the trio "the clumsiest criminals (he's) ever seen," but warns people that makes them doubly dangerous, because they're armed--and klutzy scaredy-cats.
She laughed: "Oh my God - the clumsiest stripper ever.