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The ICE Box appliance is an ideal cluster management tool that provides vital features like serial access to nodes and remote power control -- so I never need to go to the server room," said Gene Cutler, bioinformatics scientist for Tularik.
Because the Coma cluster has some unusual traits, the investigators remained uncertain about whether most clusters have potent magnetic fields.
This trend applies pressure to the storage systems used to support these I/O-hungry applications, and has prompted a wave of new storage solutions based on the same scale-out approach as cluster computing.
The cluster comprises 256 2-CPU computational servers from VA Linux, and IBM Netfinity servers for cluster management, file storage and visualization.
So far, the Virgo scientists have revealed one hot, massive cluster in their analysis of one-fourth of the sky.
All controllers provide an active-active I/O workload and communicate between all controllers within the cluster.
Some of the gas gathered around NGC 1399, a massive galaxy at the center of Fornax, while a larger amount concentrated around the entire cluster.
The growth of cluster computing has been fueled by a number of key technology developments in recent years.
In addition, atoms in the ideal cluster building block pack together tightly, the scientists say.