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Even though the cluster required unparalleled performance and availability, we were able to deploy a single platform," notes Ilkowski.
Instead of using proprietary, expensive supercomputers to solve the most challenging computing problems, nearly every new supercomputing system installed today is comprised of thousands of low-cost Linux servers united into a cluster.
The whole cluster then breaks down into four spheres, whose properties the computer monitors and analyzes.
Terracotta DSO clusters the JVM so applications are deployed across a large number of servers in a fault-tolerant architecture.
The ICE Box appliance is an ideal cluster management tool that provides vital features like serial access to nodes and remote power control -- so I never need to go to the server room," said Gene Cutler, bioinformatics scientist for Tularik.
About a decade ago, Kronberg and his coworkers had picked up synchrotron-radiation signals indicating field strengths outside the Coma cluster of a hundredth to a few tenths of the cluster's field strengths.
Our new 16-node HP SVA cluster will be available remotely to the wide-area network of Swiss researchers and provide them with the advanced, cost-effective visualization capabilities they need to complement the supercomputing resources available at CSCS.
Management of these partitions and replicas poses a number of operational challenges, especially in large cluster and grid computing environments shared amongst a number of projects or organizations, and in environments where core datasets change regularly.
Construction was planned and managed by engineers from Argonne and VA Linux Professional Services, with support from VA and IBM's cluster hardware and software experts.
This deficit is a tip-off that a massive cluster of galaxies resides there (SN: 10/22/94, p.
Existing end user processes are left untouched as Virtual Cluster is implemented as a seamless extension underneath the existing job submission layer, which includes supported applications such as Platform LSF, Sun Grid Engine, and Altair PBS Professional / Open PBS.
Cluster nodes will continue to provide storage access to applications, transparent to any internal failover, when traditional SAN controller failover would negatively impact performance.