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The initial data clusters W = {[w.sub.1], [w.sub.2], ..., [w.sub.k']} by multidimensional diffusion density distribution need to be clustered again.
1 by considering the location attribute and then based on the condition attributes speed and direction the vehicles in the boundary region are clustered. Each vehicle announces its presence to its neighbors by sending a beacon message which includes the pseudo ID, location, timestamp, direction and speed.
In a clustered sensor network, since only CHs performs a long distance transmission, a small number of CHs decreases the number of long distance transmissions.
Hence, a clustered network with data aggregation consumes less energy than a clustered network without data aggregation.
As shown in Table 2 in iris data of our test we got 14 errors in objects classification, and the error ratio was 9.3%, and in the Glass Identification dataset of the test we got an error ratio of 13%, for 28 objects out of 214 were not clustered right.
For cluster-based retrieval, documents are clustered using the BIC-Means method.
At each stage, the subgroups that have the highest level of similarity, or smallest distance, are clustered. As the subgroups are clustered into fewer remaining clusters, the similarity within the clusters or subsets decreases.
A result of collaboration between Intel, independent software vendors (ISVs), and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Dell Inc., Intel(R) Cluster Ready includes a set of minimum standards for software and hardware components of a clustered system to allow for an unprecedented level of interoperability.
For both SCI 150 and ENG 107, the emphasis shifts slightly when these two courses are clustered. The essence of the cluster experience is the opportunity to cross disciplinary boundaries with linked assignments and, as Deborah DeZure writes, "work toward a synthesis--a new, more comprehensive view than allowed by the vision of any one field" (par.
Each of the above storage personality has one or more vendors that offer solutions with clustered network architectures.
At Oracle World in September 2003, PolyServe presented the findings of the largest, most flexible clustered Oracle database system for Linux.
Our award-winning InfinIO product family provides the dynamic infrastructure required for designing and managing highly scalable, highly available clustered server environments that integrate seamlessly into today's Fibre Channel and Ethernet networks.

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