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Newly introduced storage clustering technology addresses these challenges by distributing the "master" or management functionality across multiple storage servers.
In a proof-of-concept experiment, the researchers applied KL clustering to genetic data from the Onto-Express database of the Wayne State University Intelligent Systems and Bioinformatics Laboratory.
In clustering without virtualization, as opposed to the virtualized but non-clustered technique described above, the storage elements (controllers and drives) form a cluster.
This design enables controllers placed in multiple, fiber-distance locations to continue to process storage requests even if all but one controller fails--thanks to active-active N-way clustering.
Fortunately, object-based storage clustering offers a new approach to fill the expanding gap between Linux cluster growth and the lack of scalable data access.
In a production environment, database and hardware clustering deliver improved availability, performance and scalability.
Another key benefit of clustering is that it helps make systems more scalable because it allows for incremental growth.
The suite works at the server level in clustering groups.