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Storage clusters can deliver Multiple Layers of Resilience (MLOR).
These cosmic lighthouses offer clues to the evoluation of globular clusters, ancient star groupsings that rank among the oldest objects of our galaxy.
In addition, the high port density available in Extreme Networks switches ensures support for a large number of server clusters without increasing the cost of supporting those clusters.
The beauty of stretching clusters is that it comes for free, customers don't have to configure anything, there should be no data loss, and if a disaster occurs there is no downtime.
Already used widely in deployments of Oracle9i Real Application Clusters (RAC), PolyServe Matrix Server software dramatically simplifies the cluster and storage management of Oracle Database 10g on Linux-based servers.
Similar genes are sorted into groups, or clusters, that provide insights into gene interactions and thus help to explain underlying biological processes.
Observations of the galaxy, which lies 1 billion light-years from Earth, may solve a long-standing riddle: Why were spiral galaxies abundant in clusters long ago but are rare today?
Thunder Bay and the northwestern Ontario region are urging the government to support the development of two biotechnology clusters in the North, while northeastern proponents are suggesting a pan-northern approach be pursued.
The cluster size must decrease, since the media noise primarily results from the finite cluster size; the bit transitions are narrower when the clusters are smaller.
ICE Box empowers administrators with advanced serial switching and remote power control capabilities, and is the only appliance of its kind designed specifically to improve the manageability of Linux clusters.
One of the earliest and most famous clusters known to MS investigators was an "epidemic" that occurred on the Faroe Islands, a Danish possession lying in the north Atlantic between Norway and Iceland.