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In addition to cleanliness issues, the buildup of clutter throughout the home can increase the risk for falls and serious injury.
The key is to not let clutter get so bad that it trips you up, literally or figuratively.
Clutter affects your everyday life in a negative way.
To help councils do this the Department for Transport is reviewing traffic signs policy and new advice on how to reduce clutter will be published later this year.
Ministers are worried the character of urban spaces is being damaged and will be reviewing traffic signs policy, with new advice on how to reduce clutter to be published later this year.
The biggest hoarders are in Northern Ireland, with 83 per cent confessing to being unable to discard 'unnecessary' clutter despite a spring clean.
Clutter is more than just simply junk sitting around one's house.
The Clutter Clinic: Organise Your Home In Seven Days by Romaine Lowery, pounds 16.
Last year, among many other workshops I was asked to design, I created one for clearing out clutter and de-cluttering our lives.
Peter Walsh, the host of TLC's "Clean Sweep," has a new way to unclutter your life and your body through his new book, "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?
After describing the experimental evidence of sea clutter characteristics, he presents three chapters that discuss modeling radar scattering, statistical models of sea clutter, and the simulation of clutter and other random processes.