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class="MsoNormalThose who weren't feeling cluttered, which included most of the men in the study, had cortisol levels that tended to drop during the day.
"Shelves always get cluttered with miscellaneous stuff.
I had to--the more I tried to get into the picture, the more literal and cluttered it became.
It's not that the bays are cluttered. The rooms are too small.
Hallways (87 percent), bathrooms (75 percent), and stairwells (57 percent) were frequently cluttered also.
If younger drivers have difficulty searching for traffic signs in cluttered scenes, older drivers are likely to have even greater problems (Kline et al., 1992; Schieber & Goodspeed, 1997).
There's nothing new about complaints about too many ads and too much advertising clutter, but today's reactions suggest that the cluttered aisles that used to annoy shoppers in the supermarket are a good metaphor for a cluttered marketplace, and an especially cluttered Web - with thousands of proliferating sites that are making some consumers feel more frazzled than ever - even as they are dazzled by the access to infinite quantities of information.
With regard to perceived ad clutter, television and direct mail are more cluttered than radio and magazines which are more cluttered than newspaper which is more cluttered than Yellow Pages.
A cluttered home can also pose significant fire danger, and the accumulation of unnecessary items can put seniors who suffer from limited mobility in harm's way.
The survey carried out by Guide Dogs revealed Stockton's town centre is one of the least cluttered in the country.
A house becomes cluttered when items get in the way of life running smoothly.
We regularly use phrases such as cluttered, overflowing and can't swing a cat to describe the state of our homes today.