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A book full of pointers on how best to get control of a gloomy, cluttered garage and reinvent it as a useful space.
All observers took longer to respond when a low-luminance sign was presented in a more cluttered scene, but this effect was no greater among older than among younger observers.
Although newspapers contain a higher percentage of ads than magazines, they seem less cluttered and their ads are less likely to disrupt or hinder.
Publishers keep adding more and more ads, because yield is becoming so low, and ads aren't in view long enough to really drive results, leading to incredibly cluttered Web pages.
Camden high street in London was the most cluttered street, with 109 items getting in pedestrians' way, closely followed by Colchester in Essex, then Ballyclare in Northern Ireland in third place.
The data were partitioned by daypart and programmer, and examples of heavily cluttered categories were noted.
The survey was administered to over 4,000 web users with the purpose of better understanding how ad clutter impacts a web users' Internet experience, as well as its impact on the perception of advertisers who place ads on cluttered sites.
He said: "We rely heavily on the work of about 20 active volunteers here and this is a campaign we have been waiting to launch for some time in support of the national Cluttered Countryside initiative.
2 -- 3 -- color) Designer Eric Blumberg turned Brandon and Liz Cruz's cluttered garage, above, into an ordered space, top, where everything has its place - including Brandon's surfboards, which are stored on a custom rack.
Previous research has shown that ads in highly cluttered environments are recalled less frequently than are ads in less-cluttered environments (Cobb, 1985; Webb, 1979; Webb and Ray, 1979).
The data from this study indicate that network television is highly cluttered with ads for directly competing brands; previous studies have found that this type of clutter damages recall scores, which are often used to measure the effectiveness of television ads.
To understand fully how we recognize objects in visually cluttered scenes, neuroscientists must first know how the brain filters the initial input.