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As the radar range resolution increases, the background clutter may no longer be modeled accurately as a Gaussian random variable (RV).
Aimed at the problem of detecting maneuvering targets with high speed in sea clutter and based on the established motion state model, the JRC system with Kalman filter accurately detects the target with GLRT theory and sets the detection threshold.
Section 4 illustrates target detection based on GLRT in Weibull and K distribution clutter via Kalman filtering.
By the pre-filter, the strong clutters are almost suppressed without doing harm to the reconstruction process.
It can be seen from the histograms that the relative MSEs of clutters recovered by the CS-IGO approach are much smaller, which means more precise estimation.
The relative MSE results of estimated clutters are calculated by averaging 50 Monte Carlo realizations under each CNR, which increases from 0 to 20dB.
Seen from the ground, some of this doesn't look like clutter at all: One man's world is my background noise, and vice versa.
399) - we arrived at this simple hypothesis: Mission clutter is the root cause of failure in America's worst public schools.
This mission du jour and a plethora of public policy initiatives have resulted in mission clutter.
Mission clutter creep was very subtle at first, ushered in through benevolent concepts such as "Teaching the whole child" and "It takes an entire village to raise a child.
Hu, "Combined estimation of low-altitude radio refractivity based on sea clutters from multiple shipboard radars," Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, Vol.
In recent years, a technique referred to as refractivity from clutter (RFC) has been widely used in retrieving the refractivity profile in maritime environments [10-14].