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Buca simplex Walker (holotype); A) habitus, right lateral view; B) hind wing and abdomen, left lateral view; C) metope and clypeus, frontal view; D) head and thorax, dorsal view.
Clypeus smooth, densely setose, the lateral margin in contact with the tentorial pit which occupies about 1/3 of the distance between the lateral margin of the clypeus and the eye (Figure 2a).
As already mentioned, Disceratus has a pair of apically rounded spiniform processes on the normally-sized clypeus, which are not present on the protruding mouthparts of Gnathoclita with its prolonged clypeus.
Inner orbits of compound eyes slightly converging below; malar area short, about one-third width of median ocellar diameter; clypeus about 2.
On the other hand, the clypeus of Vadum has a median elevated bilobate projection that appears like a truncate tooth (Figure 3 in Mason's paper).
After a career as a secretary/PA followed by devoting 14 years to bringing up her three children, Shirley Billing, 71, from Pembrokeshire travelled the globe for 23 years with her husband Peter, 74, an electronic design engineer in their two-masted 35-foot ketch Clypeus.
The former species is characterized by hooked bristles on the labial palpi of the female lacking in the latter and by a mostly black female clypeus (lower part of the face) that is completely yellow colored in the other species.
Companies represented in the area include Battle Mountain, Eaglecrest, Exalibur, Iron River, Clypeus, Akiko, and SSR.
Clypeus height large, with paired short setae, black streaks absent.
Head somewhat transverse in dorsal view; frons with a small and acute tubercle in front of anterior ocellus; clypeus hemi-circular, twice wider than high medially and face 1.