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CO-DEFENDANT. One who is made defendant in an action with another person.

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The 19-year-old disagreed with his co-defendant and told prosecutors that all three had planned out the crime beforehand.
In total, Morsi is a co-defendant in four trials: inciting the killing of protesters during deadly clashes outside the presidential palace in December 2012, insulting the judiciary, escaping from Wadi El-Natrun Prison during the opening days of the 25 January Revolution, and for espionage for working with foreign Islamist groups to create chaos in Egypt.
Reading out the verdict as the defendants sat in a courtroom cage, the judge said Dmitrichenko had told co-defendant Yuri Zarutsky on the night of the attack that Filin was on his way home from the theatre.
The co-defendants were the mothers of the victims who have lifetime anonymity ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE ON PEACHES' TWEETS YESTERDAY
Federal prosecutors in the Western District of Arkansas have now elicited guilty pleas from Barber and one co-defendant in each of the separate cases.
After this beating, Vidal Maldonado directed officers to transport the badly injured, semiconscious victim to a nearby police station where co-defendant Elias Perocier Morales again brutally assaulted the victim in Vidal Maldonado's presence.
Thomas, who now works as a taxi driver, denies defrauding Customs and Excise (HMRC) or knowing his co-defendants.
While initial press reports suggested inclusion of Maia Topuria and her co-defendants, recent press reports have quoted Parliamentary sources saying that Maia, her co-defendants and a number of other clear political prisoners are in fact not political prisoners and may not be included in the amnesty.
The jury found him guilty along with former Daily Telegraph owner Black and two co-defendants of swindling shareholders out of pounds 288,000.
The government says the fees, which themselves are legal, shouldn't have been given directly to the co-defendants.
An Iraqi government official told The Associated Press on Wednesday that preparations were being made to hang two of Saddam Hussein's co-defendants on Thursday.
According to Butler's plea agreement, the co-defendants obtained the names and Social Security numbers of other individuals -- many of them homeless or with little income -- so Butler could file false tax returns using their names.