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His children were indulged in luxuries that his death was to dissipate, and enjoyed an opulence that was only co-existent with the life of their parent.
The duration of the feudal system was co-existent with the restriction of Privilege.
Nature has so much to do in this world, and is engaged in generating such a vast variety of co-existent productions, that she must surely be now and then too flurried and confused to distinguish between the different processes that she is carrying on at the same time.
As a result, nature appears as a co-existent entity with humanity rather than as its servant, sympathizer, or combatant.
In short, for future Modi must review its hard lined and hawkish policies and work to create a balanced, peaceful and co-existent environment at home and abroad.
Strength of the party is co-existent with the strength of the current generation of the dynasty.
It used a unique co-existent architecture comprising conventional and blockchain technologies, leveraging TCS Quartz Blockchain Solutions support for co-existence and a choice of messaging standards, including ISO/FIX/FIXML etc, for data exchange with the ledger.
Case report: Acute Hepatitis E Infection with Co-Existent Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency.
Further, taking a dig at the Congress, he said, "A challenge which dynastic organisations face is that their popular appeal or acceptability is co-existent with the current generation of the dynasty."
"We believe technology advances in a co-existent manner," a HHI Group official said.
[19] Double and triple co-existent illnesses were reported in 22.0% and 41.8% of participants, respectively.
As one of the main energy providers and economic drivers, our association with the Gulf Industry Fair 2018 highlights the value we place on the co-existent relationship between energy and industrial development.