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His children were indulged in luxuries that his death was to dissipate, and enjoyed an opulence that was only co-existent with the life of their parent.
The duration of the feudal system was co-existent with the restriction of Privilege.
Nature has so much to do in this world, and is engaged in generating such a vast variety of co-existent productions, that she must surely be now and then too flurried and confused to distinguish between the different processes that she is carrying on at the same time.
As one of the main energy providers and economic drivers, our association with the Gulf Industry Fair 2018 highlights the value we place on the co-existent relationship between energy and industrial development.
The choices of these procedures rest on surgeon's preference, phakic status, pupillary size, retinal breaks (number, size, type and location), and status of sub-retinal fluid and co-existent retinal or ophthalmic conditions.
He stated further that the death has left a very big vacuum in the quest for true national unity and peaceful co-existent for true nation building that has been the dream of every Nigerian in the usually resilient spirit to always be key players.
Co-existent pseudoxanthoma elasticum and vitamin K-dependent coagulation factor deficiency: Compound heterozygosity for mutations in the GGCX gene.
A diagnosis of medullary carcinoma with co-existent multicentric papillary carcinoma was given.
Patients with CNS metastases and other serious non-malignant co-existent disease were excluded.
10) We present a very young patient with UAV co-existent with ascending aortic aneurysm, a rare congenital aortic anomaly who had successful aortic valve replacement and ascending aortic repair with graft.
Oil as a curse", could be a mantra by our enemies' ploy to avert possible development and peaceful co-existent amongst South Sudanese communities across the country.
Acute and chronic Legionnaires' disease and co-existent tuberculosis: a trial of erythromycin.