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Hatfill, with an American flag pinned to his lapel, said he had co-operated with authorities only to have defamatory information about him leaked to reporters.
If the judge decides that the politician hasn't co-operated, he could be sent back to jail to serve the remainder of his sentence.
Until now the authorities have considered only the worst cases for prosecution and most of these have been settled on a no-prosecution basis provided taxpayers co-operated fully.
The taxpayer had co-operated on the understanding that prosecution would not be forthcoming.
Bulckaert explained: "We co-operated fully and supported the initiative for the independent third party review which provides additional validation of our process.
Mr Baxter said he told the 61-year-old "that if he co-operated and helped alleviate the distress of the Arkinson family by disclosing where the body was, I would seek to ensure that he spent his remand in Northern Ireland".
Solicitors for Mr Sayle said he had co-operated fully with the police following his arrest last Wednesday and denied the allegations.
MacLaurin admitted that 37-year-old Stewart would have been on the first plane back to London if he had not co-operated with the authorities investigating match-fixing.
MacLaurin said: "If Alec Stewart had not co-operated with us fully when the Indian police report into match-fixing was published, my board and I would have suspended him.
Before the crisis, Israel and Jordan had co-operated closely on keeping tabs on Islamic militants who threaten the stability of both countries.
has co-operated fully with the government in the investigation.
But Lowry's lawyer Donal O'Donnell said his client had fully co-operated with the Tribunal.