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An agreement was signed between Qatar and Malaysia for co-operation in higher education sector in 2017.
The EPO's Strategic Plan recognises that co-operation within Europe and with partners outside of the EPO's member states has been a contributing factor to economic success.
Memorandum of understanding on co-operation in the sector of transportation, signed by the Foreign Minister and Turkmen Minister of Industry and Telecommunications Takhyrberdi Durkhanov.
For his part, President Caid Essebsi pointed out the privileged relations of friendship and close co-operation binding the two countries which, according to him, should be used to diversify bilateral co-operation fields in service of mutual interests.
With China, for the last three years, being Ghana's largest trading partner, the President stated that 'Chinese co-operation and investment in our economy are extremely essential' to the delivery of progress and prosperity to the Ghanaian people.
The agreement will help facilitate co-operation between the railways of the two countries at various levels.
Speaking on state radio yesterday morning, energy minister Giorgos Lakkotrypis indicated that the tripartite co-operation did not only have grand designs.
Al Mansouri said the visit underscores the UAE's sincere interest in expanding co-operation ties with the EU in general and the European Parliament in particular as the two sides seek to open up new avenues of co-operation and address challenges that might hinder deepening of the constructive partnership between them.
The two countries underlined the importance of stepping up co-operation in food security and investment in agricultural products and goods, benefiting from Thailand's expertise in this field.
Co-operation agreement in mutual administrative assistance to prevent customs offences,
It also included executive programme of the co-operation protocol in matters of employment and industrial relations for 2014/2016, executive programme of co-operation in the sector of culture for 2014-2015, executive programme of co-operation in education, memorandum of understanding in matters of attracting tourists, and annex amending and completing the security co-operation agreement signed on September 29, 2004.
Scientists conducted experiments which showed how spontaneous co-operation ebbs away as societies get larger.