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The Co-operators has taken the lead in reducing auto insurance rates in Ontario by 16.
Global IQX's Sales and Underwriting Workbench would be set up and utilized by the Co-operators and for increasing The Co-operators new business acquisition and retention processes through improved efficiency and customer service, components are created.
The Co-operators has been in production with all core Guidewire InsuranceSuite systems since 2010.
The battle had been between two groups of co-operators, those who wanted to go private, which would enable them to sell their units at a profit, and those who wanted the property to remain affordable.
In structured populations, co-operators are more likely to interact with other co-operators and defectors with defectors.
Ensure that all R&D co-operators clearly understand their commitment under the projects agreements.
the company's buyers Canadabased Central 1 Credit Union and Co-Operators Life Insurance Co.
a Tunisians as well as foreign nationals in Tunisia (diplomats, co-operators, businessmen and tourists) often complained about the quality of the GSM and Internet connection, particularly in summer and during peak hours.
Because in this way they present to all an example of unfailing and generous love, they build up the brotherhood of charity, and they stand as witnesses and co-operators of the fruitfulness of Mother Church, as a sign of and a share in that love with which Christ loved his Bride and gave himself for her" (Lumen gentium, 41).
A leading Canadian insurance company, The Co-operators wished to revive its brand after a difficult few years for the whole industry.
from Colin Richell, National Federation of Progressive Co-operators