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CO-OPTATION. A concurring choice. Sometimes applied to the act of the members of a corporation, in choosing a person to supply a vacancy. in their body.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'Therefore, the two ladies have not been co-opted to the board merely because they are women.
Last night another potential candidate to be co-opted for that position was also rejected by the council, meaning there will be an election for that post, costing PS3,000.
The United States had co-opted West Germany's leaders even as Adenauer successfully manipulated his powerful mentor.
"We have already co-opted three members of the public on to the council to ensure a quorum for the first meeting of the council on May 27," he said.
In effect, one computer can co-opt other Internet computers to solve pieces of a complex computational problem.
Berman advises those considering the monastic option to forego any allegiances to "institutions," and to go it alone as "individuals." Institutions will inevitably co-opt the creative soul: the group will invariably stifle the individual.
They are certain that corporate America will co-opt any serious spiritual movement, much as it has done other cultural change -- from rock and roll to environmentalism.
Apparently not," remarked the San Jose Mercury News, "which makes this another transcendently clumsy attempt to co-opt a newly popular buzzword and turn it to political advantage." Gore was also sharply criticized for inviting children to submit their email addresses and zip codes to the campaign, a practice frowned upon by internet privacy experts.
216 specifically allows a co-op shareholder to deduct his portion of the real estate taxes paid by the co-opt Furthermore, these Sec.
"I would recommend that every co-op do it because if the sponsor is able to increase his cash flow, it will rebound for the benefit of the co-opt There will be a stronger sponsor and he will be less likely to default on maintenance or any loans secured by the unsold shares."
Itumbi said in Cabinet, one can co-opt experts on a need basis, adding that "Jubilee agenda will be part of government delivery and focus."
The Board may also co-opt other Government functionary of Sector Expert as co-opted member of the Board for specific meeting (S) as and when required.