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CO-OPTATION. A concurring choice. Sometimes applied to the act of the members of a corporation, in choosing a person to supply a vacancy. in their body.

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Some people are sure that business will at least attempt to co-opt any effort to practice spirituality at work.
He said that a greater flexibility to co-opt specialists and increased use of email to communicate will allow the NFU to respond swiftly and more effectively to issues affecting the sector.
If anything, those numbers tell the sort of story that you used to expect from Rolling Stone, the one about how drug warriors co-opt the media and blame the mayhem surrounding the illegal drug trade on a substance's mythically evil attributes rather than its black-market status.
The writer gets to see the executive on a more personal level, which is a great way to co-opt him outright, or soften his coverage of the executive and the company.
They should not be allowed to co-opt the mantle of defenders of liberty and the Constitution.
The ability of life forms to co-opt each other has taken a novel twist: Scientists have provided the first proof that a bacterium takes up long-term residence inside another bacterium.
He rejects the conventional wisdom that after 1867, political parties were able to co-opt popular politics and draw it into the national model of politics.
When the corporate status quo is threatened by |the rest of us' (seeking better working conditions, national health care, fair prices for farmers, safe food, freedom from toxic pollution, and social justice), the PR flacks, lobbyists, and trade associations mobilize to crush or co-opt the outnumbered, outgunned reformers," Stauber writes.
DENBY DALE Parish Council is looking to co-opt a councillor for the Skelmanthorpe ward.
The Commission shall have power to co-opt any person or agency to assist it in its deliberations, the notification said.
In a telling example, the authors argue that the greatest threat posed to countries in the Middle East may well be that e-government makes governments more efficient, thus reducing patronage jobs through-which tyrants can co-opt their subjects.
Artists of all hues and persuasions in cities, towns, and burgs all over the country should co-opt their local skanky motel for a day of art.