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CO-OPTATION. A concurring choice. Sometimes applied to the act of the members of a corporation, in choosing a person to supply a vacancy. in their body.

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This examination permits consideration of dimensions of framing and brokerage, of co-optation and contestation, and of the logic behind activists' strategic decisions about how best to wrangle a less than liberal state.
Benevolent racism and its relevance to the frame co-optation of BLMM
Co-optation through infiltration also took place in 2015 when the protests that are overtly anti-political class attracted scores of partisan supporters raising diverging slogans or confusing the media about the demands of the protesters.
Co-optation and the Public Law/Private Law Divide III.
Quietists argue that IS' threat to reverse the Al Saud's co-optation of Wahhabism illustrates political Islam's inability to come to grips with modernity and the concept of a modern state.
Rather than openly violating democratic rules, incumbents are more likely to use bribery, co-optation, and more subtle forms of persecution, such as the use of tax authorities, compliant judiciaries, and other state agencies to 'legally' harass, persecute, or extort cooperative behavior from critics.
But the temporal lag between a counterculture and its co-optation seems ever smaller, and once the party's over, the two may seem almost indistinguishable.
Clearly, the authors do not claim that post-revolutionary elites never made use of violence to advance their agenda, but in Mexico elites more often preferred negotiation and co-optation.
There's been corporate co-optation and the mainstreaming of what was once deviance and nonconformity.
The tribal texture of Yemen enabled patronage based co-optation and divide-and-rule strategies to help prevent mobilization against the regime.
Spanish financial services provider Banco Santander on Monday announced that its board of directors has agreed to appoint, by co-optation, Sheila Blair as an independent director of the company.
Focused on the Vietnamese refugee, The Gift of Freedom is consistently concerned with multiple movements or "passages" that are quite admittedly applicable to other Southeast Asian--American populations via analogous stories of reception, politics of co-optation, and polemical narratives of US exceptionalism.