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X,Y,Z- cartesian co-ordinates (rotated XOYZ-frame);
"That is why we think it is a good idea to establish advocates both to increase patient power and also to co-ordinate action against infection."
The meeting would not seek to raise new aid money but look to co-ordinate existing aid.
Allawi told the UN Security Council his government would retain sole control of the country's armed forces and work in "full partnership" with the multi-national force to co-ordinate joint military operations and security policy through new bodies.
This software is used to help co-ordinate a company's critical business functions such as financial planning and reporting, human resources, relationships with customers and supply chain management.
The joint meeting of the two Commissions is being staged in the context of the implementation of the EU's new water framework Directive, which notably requires countries and regions concerned by international hydrographic districts - as in the case of the Meuse and Scheldt - to aim to co-ordinate their efforts to manage these large water courses.
Norway and Japan have reportedly agreed to hold working-level discussions to co-ordinate their inspection systems in order to pave the way for Japan to import whale meat from Norway.
It is an especially powerful tool to co-ordinate the activities of the geographically dispersed teams typical of today's drug discovery process.
Meanwhile at Ikea, home interior experts can guide you through the store, helping you to co-ordinate your choices.
The MEC said that it will co-ordinate with the dealer to follow up on the maintenance and repair works and will communicate with customers to ensure that the necessary repairs are carried out.
In another development, the Premier assigned the Housing Ministry to co-ordinate with relevant authorities to survey the most affected and dilapidated houses in Arad and submit a detailed report.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 16, 2011--Goldman, Banca IMI, Mediobanca to co-ordinate Rhiag listing(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS