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x, y, z--cartesian co-ordinates (fixed xOyz--frame);
The Coast to Coast Cardiac Network, which co-ordinates care for Coronary Heart Disease, has gone live in cyberspace with the launch of the website.
That is why we think it is a good idea to establish advocates both to increase patient power and also to co-ordinate action against infection.
The meeting would not seek to raise new aid money but look to co-ordinate existing aid.
Abigail Baird says teenagers are a bit gawky as they learn to co-ordinate their bodies.
It is an especially powerful tool to co-ordinate the activities of the geographically dispersed teams typical of today's drug discovery process.
Meanwhile at Ikea, home interior experts can guide you through the store, helping you to co-ordinate your choices.
Note : The deadline mentioned in the tender is an estimated submission date, kindly refer the document for exact date or co-ordinate with the publishing authority for the exact submission date.
He assigned the committee in charge of projects to co-ordinate efforts with relevant ministries.
Dr Budgett said children are "made to run before they can walk" because they are thrown into playing sport before they learn how to co-ordinate and move properly.
At Nicholl Mr Roberts will lead and co-ordinate the new product development and innovation programme, focusing on building the company's presence in both existing and new market sectors and countries, as well as exploring opportunities for the introduction of new and complementary products and materials.
dimensionless axial co-ordinate corresponding to [([[bar.