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Some] co-ordinators have gone from working on refugee sponsorship from about 10 hours a month to 12 hours a day," said Rumsey.
Chartered accountants Ellis & Co is one of many companies which have benefited from the support of the co-ordinators and its affiliation to the growing business community.
Social Care in Partnership (South-West Wales): Co-ordinator - Annie O'Reillly 01639 686720 a.
The force has been a long-term customer of APD and had previously used APD's CO-Ordinator 6 to manage its officers.
Rachel Kitayama-Moore, Pacific Uplift/New Zealand co-ordinator, Auckland
EXCELLENT TEAMWORK - Nicola Railton, Mike Gardiner, regional education co-ordinator, Kris Hurd, co-ordinator of creative construction, Mike Airey, membership development officer, Sharon Mathews, Joe Ridealgh, Molly Eedie, Steven Larkin, regional director, Ryan Carr and Lucy Willis
Query the co-ordinator to see how he or she would handle potential catastrophes such as the caterer running out of food.
When the child is at this stage (2), the SEN co-ordinator takes responsibility for special needs provision, the implementation of appropriate strategies and targets are still the responsibility of the classroom teacher.
Emily Clayton, commercial co-ordinator at Chord Developments
Currently head of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Jeffrey will replace Sir David Ormand, who retires as the security and intelli-gence co-ordinator at Easter.
The European Commission issued on December 10 a proposal for a Council Decision that would prolong the mandate of Erhard Busek as Special Co-ordinator of the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe from the end of 2003 to the end of 2004, using a new legal framework - Council Regulation (EC) 1080/2000, amended by Regulation (EC) 2098/2003.