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The workshops were attended by around 23 teachers, co-ordinators and academic advisers from several independent schools and 37 IT and community action service (CAS) co-ordinators from 22 international and private schools.
Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators will also be at: | Saturday: 10am at Whitchurch Library and 10am to noon at Lisvane festival with the Llanishen neighbourhood policing team.
Chartered accountants Ellis & Co is one of many companies which have benefited from the support of the co-ordinators and its affiliation to the growing business community.
If appointed, the national co-ordinator could make sure that Tamil schools get equal support in terms of strengthening the teaching of the Tamil language.
As a Guide Dogs collection box co-ordinator, volunteers distribute and empty the boxes and deposit donated money.
I want to thank everyone involved--friends, family, courier companies, co-ordinators, Rotary International and Australian co-ordinator Liz Baker for starting such a worthwhile project and allowing me to be part of such an amazing endeavour.
Project co-ordinator Paul Miller said: "We need co-ordinators from each workplace to develop their own contributions to Face of the City.
Around 200 co-ordinators of voluntary and community organisations, who work with volunteers to support mentoring/befriending projects, attended the first Conference of the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation (MBF) West Midlands.
The effort begins in the next few weeks with training of the CAP co-ordinators beginning in December, Gallant says.
Event organiser Chris Jarvis, says: "Careers co-ordinators, advisers and guidance teachers can play an important role in people's lives, so together with our committee of industry experts, we have introduced this new award to honour best practice.
Since July 1995, the system has been controlled by integrated oil companies appointed by the government as co-ordinators for both the Friendship Pipeline and the sea terminals.
More than 150 teachers and co-ordinators of different subjects from 83 independent and international schools were introduced and trained in the educational cyber safety programme, Haseen, at 10 interactive workshops organised throughout last week by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology's Digital Society Department in collaboration with the Supreme Education Council.