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I think his parents (former PBA player Alvin Teng and Susan Teng) should be congratulated the way they raised him because he's a good coachable kid.
The kind of person who isn't coachable because he's already the greatest at everything, even things he's never attempted.
He's probably been our best rebounder, he's been going after balls and he's really coachable," Altman said of Bigby-Williams.
But the good thing is that Ryan's a good, coachable kid who trains hard and is always prepared to go out of his way to keep learning more.
He is a really coachable player and if he keeps learning and progressing he has a good future in the game.
A key to being coachable, then, is to drop your defensiveness simply by reminding yourself what really matters, Carter says.
But having an athlete that is coachable, respectful, mentally tough, a great teammate, resilient and tries their best IS a direct reflection of your parenting.
I'm grateful to have had good, coachable teams along with coaching staffs that have been second to none.
Being coachable means having a personality that allows you to say, "I stand corrected.
Sam was very coachable and by the conclusion of the camp was identifying and correcting this type of error on his own.
The Coachable Leader: What Future Executives Need to Know Today" is a guide to advising readers on how to piece together their ideas for their own greater success.
And there were definitely some kids there that had a lot of athletics talent and were very coachable, that's for sure.