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Athletes with a decent skill set, decent talent, and a coachable attitude; is in a better position than the athlete who is very skilled and very talented but does not have a coachable attitude.
In addition, the SAT is highly coachable, with wealthier families having access to more and better coaching, which exacerbates the inequalities that are already there," he says.
The fact that international players, including Yao, are continuously praised as model players--fundamentally sound, hardworking, coachable, good immigrants--while black players ate riddled with a barrage of critiques, complicates the Shaq incident.
But, if an employee is not reachable, coachable, or praiseworthy, it is time to say goodbye.
Give campers opportunities to muster their courage and focus their attention on new coachable skills; then watch their emotional strength rocket
Laura came across as very driven and coachable," remembers McDuffee.
He is the epitome of fair play and sportsmanship and one of the most coachable players I have ever worked with.
Frogs don't understand about money, and they're not very coachable.
A key to being coachable, then, is to drop your defensiveness simply by reminding yourself what really matters, Carter says.
Three employees participated in the DriveCam program for the seven month period from August 2014 -- February 2015 without displaying any risky driving behaviors (or coachable behaviors) while driving city owned vehicles.
He is giving 100 percent and willing to be coachable and learn everything.
So now we're focusing on the coachable things, the set-pieces, and progress is being made.