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After this, Rolls Royce cars were factory-made in one place so no longer was the chassis sent out to coachbuilders such as Rippon's.
Federal Coach is a Cadillac Master Coachbuilder (CMC), having successfully completed assessments and site inspections on an ongoing basis made by Cadillac/GM.
A name that goes hand in hand with the old Princess is Vanden Plas, a coachbuilder that originated in Belgium .
He went back to his prewar trade as a coachbuilder first for Ford and then RollsRoyce, working as a civilian mechanic for the Royal Navy in the Second World War.
An obscenely wealthy Ukrainian oil baron, who lives in Dubai's sevenstar Burj Al Arab hotel, had his Veyron pimpedup by an outfit using the name of defunct Spanish coachbuilder Pegaso.
Forty years after famous coachbuilder Radford last made their VIP De Ville version of the iconic car, they're back for more.
That monocoque meant the end of the coachbuilder special on a Rolls chassis, no more RJ Mulliner, James Young or Vanden Plas and the boxy shape was likened to a Hillman Hunter.
Built in Cerizay, France, by coachbuilder Heuliez, the Twin Top boasts an electro-hydraulic top mechanism that goes from open to closed in 18 seconds.
RETIRED coachbuilder Bernard Vickery's labour of love finally goes on show tomorrow.
The bespoke coachbuilder has developed the Mulsanne Sinjari using ancient art of falconry as inspiration.
STAGECOACH COACHBUILDER The bus and coach services operator have an engineering vacancy for a coachbuilder based in Ayr.
Hardware and a workshop for roofers, road construction, automotive mechatronics / coachbuilder.