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He helped every student-athlete he ever coached by making sure they understood their role at Southern, and made sure they reaped some of the benefits of their education after graduation.
I've spent some time interviewing managers in the wake of their coaching experiences and have also coached some senior managers.
He has played on and coached on three of the school's five national championship teams.
At 24, when many other teachers are just starting their careers, Maine has already taught and coached decathlon for five years.
He is one of America's best coaches, from top to bottom,'' said New Mexico coach Ritchie McKay, who coached against Majerus in the Mountain West Conference.
We're coaching our scheme exactly the same way I coached the 49ers and the Patriots,'' Carroll said.
COACH: You are one of the few men who have coached at his alma mater, having been a three-year starter at cornerback for the Hokies and participating in two Liberty Bowl games.
Larry Farmer was hired to replace Brown in part because he'd played under Wooden and coached under Bartow and Cunningham.
He had also played and coached at different college football levels.
John understood better than any of us what being a kid is all about,'' said Mike Lopez, who coached with him.
My older sister was also a teacher and coached a little bit.