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For a complete discussion of this and other examples of the widespread confusion, see Breslin & Coacher, supra note 6, at 102-09.
In supermarkets, the space devoted to small animals has been declining, but Coacher says retailers should still devote space in the set to the top six key breeds: cockatiel, parakeet and parrot for birds, and hamster, pig and rabbit.
see also James Moody & LeEllen Coacher, A Primer on Methods of Impeachment, 45 A.
LeEllen Coacher, supra note 16, at 114 (explaining that "by
We are thrilled by this event," said Amy Coacher, President of COBRA Outsourcing Company.
Steve Coacher from Royal Windermere is the overall leader.
Lieutenant Colonel LeEllen Coacher, Permitting Systems Protection Monitoring: When the Government Can Look and What It Can See, 46 A.
Martha Coacher Paragon Computer Professionals, Inc.

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