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Let H be a Hopf algebra and A a right partial H-comodule algebra with partial coaction [rho] : A [right arrow] A [cross product] H, then A can be endowed with the structure of a left partial H[degrees]-module algebra, with H[degrees] denoting the finite dual of H .
syscall denotes system calls, acttype denotes action type, including actions and coactions, and paramlist denotes an argument list for syscall.
In developmental systems, the coaction of X or Y often produces Wrather than more X or Y, or some variant of X or Y" (p.
For members, the compromise for organization's ends is transformed in a search for power deploying a combination of ideology and coaction that other workers will voluntarily seek.
The qualifier "probabilistic" implies that coactions make it impossible to conceptualize development as a simple serial process whereby one stage invariably leads to the next.
Leurs conclusions confirment bien que la corruption est un frein reel aux investissements directs et de plus elles montrent qu'il y a coaction des Etats et des entreprises.
212) "culture moves rather like an octopus too _ not all at once in a smoothly coordinated synergy of parts, a massive coaction of the whole, but disjointed movements of this part (.
According to the Macquarie Dictionary (1989) collaboration is defined as 'to work, one with another, cooperate'; it also connotes teamwork, coaction, consilience and synergy.
Il est certain pourtant que chaque individu enveloppe la serie de ses evenements suivant une contingence sans coaction car il ne fait qu'exprimer ce qui est compris dans sa notion: sa liberte reside dans cette autodetermination au sein de laquelle les raisons des verites contingentes inclinent, et chaque acte commis est une expression de son essence.
New labour relations' models have been shaped by organisational and personnel management practices combining traditional coaction and flexibility mechanisms (anti-union and temporary work policies) with elaborate and subtle strategies for generating a sense of belonging amongstworkers and commitment to a company's ends (indoctrination in company discussion of competitiveness, being called on to participate and achieve self-control in reaching better standards of quality, neo-paternalist practices, etc.
Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Tahir Saeed, Psychologist, CoAction, Child and Family Center, Ardnageeha, Bantry, West Cork, Republic of Ireland.
It is urged that evidence can be produced to demonstrate, in effect, that a steady course of executive usurpation of initiatives that, constitutionally, require the coaction of the Congress and the Executive has rendered the Congress impotent to withhold the grudging and involuntary appropriations and implementing laws relied on as constituting its authorization of combat activities in Southeast Asia.