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The following principles provide an overview of the basic principles of a coactive system model of the nature and development of human action and experience.
I am equally proud of my department's submission for an award based on our organized retail crime interdiction project that combines all three components (reactive, coactive, and proactive) of community policing.
CoActive Capital has begun providing the vendor lease finance services with an eye to capitalizing especially on those related to medical equipment and office automation machines.
They may not be as adept at meeting the personal and coactive needs of individuals with whom the communication events are taking place; therefore, they may not be as successful in their interactions with persons with whom they must associate as they work to build their practices; provide services on behalf of their patients; or work in other clinical, academic, or administrative settings.
Workability of a Management Control Model in Service Organizations: a Comparative Study of Reactive, Proactive and Coactive Philosophies", by Joshua Onome Imoniana, from the Methodist University at Sao Paulo, Brazil, is the third article.
Specifically, face-to-face interactions, hand-over-hand facilitation, and coactive use of instruments were used to increase interactions and play during sessions.
The materials in the course workbook could be strengthened to include more in-depth examples of how coactive coaching is being applied in the workplace.
With what's unreal thou coactive art, And fellow'st nothing: then 'tis very credent Thou may'st co-join with something.
In coactive teams, performance outcome of the team is the sum of individual performance outcomes, such as the team score in golf, tennis, bowling, or diving (Widmeyer & Williams, 1991).
Tongren's CoActive Control model may point to a better foundation for corporate governance.
Although the observable states 1 and 2 distinguish between the speakers, the coactive states 3 and 0 do not.