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However, as these results did not reveal whether or not actors knowing about the coactor's task rules elicits the joint flanker effect, or whether or not actors noticing the coactor's actions is essential for the joint flanker effect to occur, we thus designed Study 2.
He is not only a favorite coactor among his peers, but he is almost always handpicked by revered filmmakers, like Chito Rono, to be included in the cast of his movies.
After the ceremony, Garcia's family and friends paid tribute to the man: His grandchildren reminisced about how they used to play with lolo's Famas trophies and stage their mock awards night; his 'Ang Probinsyano' coactor Jhong Hilario revealed that he was supposed to be part of the film 'Bwakaw' and do a kissing scene with Garcia;
Mendoza had observed how his seasoned coactor limned his part.
He is well- known as a prankster and his coactor in the film Khatta Meetha Rajpal Yadav would second that.
VILMA SANTOS: As a coactor, Tito Ed was affectionate and fun.
Crisel was also nominated for best actress, but lost the award to Chloe Maayan, who won for 'Three Husbands.' The drama was directed by Fruit Chan, Crisel's producer and coactor in 'Still Human.'
Meanwhile, JC's Filipino coactor, Agot Isidro, plays Angeli in the film.
This is followed by final reminders from the director, touching messages from a coactor, and more words to get the cast primed for their performance.
Enchong also has this to say about Erich as a coactor: 'I've been saying this in my interviews; she's become a really good actress now.
The project is being promoted along with the social enterprise 'Coactors', and education for the hearing-impaired people currently working on 'tranquil taxi' is underway.
The 'Harry Potter' star took to Twitter to share a picture from the sets of the film, where she can be seen posing for a picture with the director of the film Greta Gerwig and her coactors Timothee Chalamet, Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, and Eliza Scanlen, in what appears to be an attic.