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COADJUTOR, eccl. law. A fellow helper or assistant; particularly applied to the assistant of a bishop.

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In 1842, Fraser was made titular bishop of Halifax and an Irishman, William Walsh, his coadjutor.
Plessis, coadjutor to Bishop Denault of Quebec, to advise him of his arrival, and then went to Longueuil, where he received from Bishop Denault the ecclesiastical authority to act as a priest in Upper Canada.
Bishop Eugene Gerber delivered his homily at the 1999 ordination of his new coadjutor bishop, Thomas J.
Malone of Maitland-Newcastle, Australia, wrote to the pope in 2009 appealing for an early retirement and asking for a coadjutor bishop after struggling to cope with the church's sexual abuse scandal for "15 difficult years.
He spent 13 years under Communist confinement in his homeland, following his appointment in 1975 as Coadjutor Bishop of Saigon.
He was elected area bishop of Trent-Durham in 1986 and coadjutor bishop of Toronto a year later.
In 1956, he was named Coadjutor to Bishop Dignan of Sault Ste.
in the Diocese of Huron, was elected coadjutor bishop, which means he will succeed to the office of diocesan bishop upon the retirement of Archbishop Percy O'Driscoll in October.
Josyf would later help him as Coadjutor Bishop and also become his successor in the see of Lviv.
Vasa's tenure in Baker has been rocky, his relationships with his flock uneven, and it culminated with last week's Vatican announcement that Vasa was being moved to become coadjutor of the Santa Rosa diocese.
Even before he was thirty years old, Tache had been made Provencher's coadjutor.
Bishop Robinson, who as coadjutor is assistant bishop with right to succession when the diocesan bishop retires, is said to be the Anglican Communion's first openly gay bishop.