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COADJUTOR, eccl. law. A fellow helper or assistant; particularly applied to the assistant of a bishop.

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Some read the appointment of a coadjutor in Newark as an indirect rebuke from Francis to Archbishop John Myers for his alleged mishandling of sex abuse cases both in Newark and his previous diocese of Peoria, ill.
fated for execution as coadjutor of John Brown at Harper's Ferry, conveying to his parents his confidence in the righteousness of the cause for which he is about to die.
The bishops of the province were then to submit [to the Holy See] a list of three names, a terna, for vacant sees or for coadjutors.
From 1833, when this method for nominating episcopal candidates was decreed by the Second Provincial Council of Baltimore, until 1916 when the Holy See prescribed a different procedure, the bishops of a province needing a new bishop would nominate three priests and send their names to Rome for the appointment of a bishop or coadjutor.
The bishops of each province continued to perform the function assigned to them by the Second Provincial Council of Baltimore, of drawing up the terna that named the three priests whom they judged best qualified to be appointed for a church of their province that needed a new bishop or a coadjutor.
in 1986, and in Seattle, coadjutors were named in 1985 and again in 1987.
In addition, coadjutors occasionally were appointed because a diocese was in bad health -- particularly financially.
People thought coadjutors would disappear once bishops started retiring at 75," he said.
We did see coadjutors being appointed who had special authority and special powers," said Reese, referring to Flynn being named coadjutor in Lafayette, La.
Roach, 72, said Flynn was very high on my list" of five names he submitted to the Holy See with his request for a coadjutor.
Flynn, 60, an upstate New York native, became coadjutor of Lafayette in 1986 and then took control of the diocese when Bishop Gerald Frey retired in 1988.
Paul-Minneapolis, the coadjutor was named at Roach's request.