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Objective: this manuscript was aimed at reviewing the available literature concerning treatment for endometriosis I and II in managing pain, infertility and as coadjuvant in assisted-reproduction techniques.
On the other hand, if the jumps are performed incorrectly and accompanied by pelvic ante-retroversion, the resulting lumbar hyperlordosis on landing is a coadjuvant factor for the abdominal hyperpressure to be directed toward the urogenital groove.
According to the above and considering that L-arginine has been used as a coadjuvant therapeutic tool in different types of diseases, the purpose of this study was to investigate the neuroautonomic mechanisms triggered by a small oral dose of L-arginine that was administered to subjects.
One can even speculate as to whether H pylori would be the true and sole pathogenic mechanism behind respiratory reflux pathology or eventually act as a coadjuvant to the pepsin-induced inflammation.
The structure of the play, moreover, points to the role of the island as a coadjuvant in the production of a narrative tradition.
Although the search for effective pharmaceuticals is the basis of this endeavor, nutritional supplementation also arises as a potential coadjuvant for both prevention and treatment of AD (reviewed in [80, 81]).
These services also include the arsenal of technologies and, according to literature, technologies are important coadjuvant factors for providing solutions in primary healthcare (19).
The results obtained reveal an important frequency of positive antecedents in the pre-, peri-, and post-natal stages, which could have been triggering or coadjuvant factors of the hearing loss.
Acetaminophen remains a safe coadjuvant to any analgesic scheme (5,32).
The treatments with coadjuvants used in this study affected antioxidant capacity, and treatment with AA promoted higher values from 3005.
Since antioxidants are able to inactivate highly reactive molecules such as ROS that are generated during various biochemical processes in the cells [11], substances with antioxidant properties emerge as putative preventatives and coadjuvants in the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases related to oxidative stress and DNA damage [12].