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Several physical and chemical factors affect blood clotting; some can be measured over time to determine blood coagulability and likelihood of clot formation.
Recent study revealed that association of PT with PM10, CO, and NO2, but not with SO2 or O3, may indicate that traffic pollution is responsible for the changes in blood coagulability.
It increases the coagulability of blood and creates the danger for the event of cancer of the endometrium.
Changes in coagulability as measured by thrombelastography following surgery for proximal femoral fracture.
They relied upon decreased coagulability at low temperatures.
Increased systemic vascular resistance, arterial stiffness, altered endothelial function, increased atherosclerosis, and altered coagulability have been reported to be associated with subclinical hypothyroidism and may accelerate CHD," they noted.
VTE occurs due to factors that alter the balance of coagulability, venous stasis and venous endothelial damage (Virchow's triad).
Effect of thermal processing on the coagulability of milk by acid.
There is evidence that OSA is associated with ischaemic heart disease, hypertension, stroke, arrhythmia, coagulability, diabetes mellitus, endothelial dysfunction and inflammation (49), and the implications of future research in these areas are highly encouraged in order to look into the general public health burden.
As a diagnostic tool the thrombelastogram also showed significant differences between the sexes, with a highly significant trend of increasing whole-blood coagulability from men through non-pregnant to pregnant women (p<0.
After Beglin was discharged from the hospital, she developed coagulability, which required readmission to the hospital and another blood transfusion.