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It is worthwhile to note that all control samples presented a consistent pH decrease going themselves through collapse and coagulation, while both tannin treatments remained fluid at low pH values in which normally the latex should coagulate.
Bipolar electrosurgical devices have the ability to cut and coagulate rapidly and use less power, making them ideal for surgical use.
Because the pararectal space has been developed early on, the ureter can be seen throughout the dissection and there is no need to coagulate the vessels from the level of the internal os and downward, as many surgeons are traditionally taught.
During baking, the air expands with heat and continues until the temperature is reached at which point the eggs coagulate and the newly created structure becomes fixed in place.
I'm not interested," she grunts as mini-vampires and cowboys begin to coagulate about my knees.
The contract is for the purchase and supply of medicines and disposable scissors to cut and coagulate tissue for SP Health Care Centre in Sejny for a period of 12 months in the assortment and quantity specified in Appendix 3 hereto.
The shears precisely cut, coagulate, grasp, and dissect without the need for instrument exchange and can seal vessels up to 5 mm.
The ability to deliver surgeons precision with the versatility to cut, coagulate, grasp, dissect and create otomies without instrument exchanges.
The interaction causes the seminal fluids to coagulate into a gelatinous solid mass.
Micromac's DAF unit injects flocculants into the effluent stream in order to coagulate the particles.