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Samples LAB and HA coagulated with zeta potential around -25 mV and -29 mV, respectively.
During the tests, only the plant supervisor knew which of the rubber cup lumps were naturally dried, coagulated with formic/acetic acid, and coagulated with battery solution to ensure the sensors accuracy.
Talc renders the coagulated latex and starch binders less sticky, increases the ash content, and lowers costs.
The coagulated particulates thus tend to be returned to the ducts.
With heat, the egg protein network becomes coagulated, imparting rigidity and causing the mixture to adhere.
The consecrated wine changed into a bright red blood which coagulated into five small clots.
It is made from coagulated soybean milk and water, and resembles cream cheese in look and appearance, though it's softer.
The firm currently produces three families of Fluon PTFE, including granular, coagulated dispersions and aqueous dispersions, each in a number of grades to accommodate an ever-growing range of end-use products, according to the company.
Hokusai, 2004, a diptych, joins one panel--in which twenty imperfect, not-quite-primary-colored rectangles beckon like doorways, while a single black rectangle takes on the resonance of a black hole--with another panel of overlapping, lyrical wave shapes, the swells piled one upon the next in coagulated motion.