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0%), cautery was required on the harmonic scalpel side to coagulate one or two larger vessels.
Part of the egg coagulates at the point where the egg and air interface, and this gives rigidity to the structure created.
The plot coagulates when Dvapara turns out to be a vampire, whose lusty presence draws Wilde's incipient homosexuality and hunger for literary fame, Florence's carnal instincts, and Doyle's cocaine addiction (shades of Sherlock Holmes
Domain Surgical's FMwand Simultaneously Cuts and Coagulates Soft Tissue While Minimizing Collateral Damage to Surrounding Tissue
This solidifies the cells by heat or with a laser, which coagulates them.
But individual images in "Hamlet 1999" usually offer little incident, and motion coagulates in Mayerson's tactile strokes.
While SonoSurg cuts and coagulates simultaneously, its automatic mist evacuation keeps the surgeon's vision clear at all times.
With optimal absorption in water and hemoglobin, the Ceralas D's 980-nm wavelength cuts and coagulates without collateral tissue damage, necrosis, or charring.