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After the tumor is resected, the tumour bed could be further vaporized and degenerated by the coagulating current.
This seems to be the best proof so far that interstellar dust grains have begun the process of coagulating together in suspected protoplanetary disks," says Alan P.
The LaparoSonic coagulating shears (LCS), which cut, coagulate, grasp, dissect, and probe, may be the only instrument you will need for most laparoscopic procedures, Dr.
Contract awarded for Shared service facilities - fabrication of coagulating tanks, aging tanks and acquisition of flatform digital weighing scale in guituan, ipil, zamboanga sibugay
Key statement: The present invention provides an oil extended rubber for a tire, which is obtained by a process for preparing an oil extended rubber for a tire, comprising: (a) a step of preparing an oil-in-water type emulsion by emulsifying a vegetable oil having an iodine value of not less than 135 with a surfactant; (b) a step of mixing said emulsion of vegetable oil and a modified natural rubber latex, and then maturing the mixture; and (c) a step of coagulating the mixture obtained in the step (b) to obtain a lump of a rubber.
If in the future we can develop an inhibitor that prevents the coagulating enzyme doing its job inside male An.
The SonoSurg ultrasonic cutting and coagulating system is completely reusable and autoclavable, saving facilities about $200 per procedure over disposable systems.
The absorption dehumidification system, from Kathabar Systems Europe, tel:+31 79 3710710, prevents the product from coagulating, breaking down, corroding or from being susceptible to mould or bacterial growth as a result of the product absorbing moisture.