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The authors stress that, in assessing smooth muscle tumors of deep soft tissue, it is essential to distinguish coagulative tumor necrosis from hyaline necrosis, and none of their cases contained the former [10].
Starting from these premises, we designed the current study to investigate whether the patterns of FDG uptake corresponding to areas of coagulative tumor cell necrosis on PET images can be helpful in distinguishing between LMS/STUMP and benign leiomyomas during the preoperative period.
Photomicrograph of the skeletal muscle showing coagulative necrosis (circle).
Lesioning of the nerve occurs via coagulative necrosis.
Histopathological findings include a central area of coagulative necrosis, obliterative endarteritis, plasma cells, and epithelioid histiocytes.
A histopathological investigation after an intranodular ethanol injection shows local injury associated with small vessels thrombosis, a complex and irreversible hemorrhagic infarction, coagulative necrosis, and fibrosis on areas outside the nodule [11].
The biopsy demonstrates areas of infarction with coagulative necrosis.
With HIFU, either relatively low-intensity (17.5 W/[cm.sup.2]) or high-intensity (1000 W/[cm.sup.2]) focused ultrasound is targeted at the focal zone, causing mechanical cellular membrane disruption or coagulative necrosis of the target tissue, respectively.
Habib, "New technique for liver resection using heat coagulative necrosis," Annals of Surgery, vol.
Caption: Figure 2: Histology of specimen collected intraoperatively demonstrating coagulative necrosis of epididymal tissue with surrounding hematoma.
In terms of postoperative complications, nasal bleeding was the most common (53/95 eyes [55.79%]), but it subsided within a week after the operation and did not require any specific coagulative treatment.
The technologies work by altering the epidermis and dermis, either by full field treatment or fractionated delivery of coagulative or ablative injury, thereby inducing regrowth of new epidermis and growth of new collagen and elastin in the dermis.