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have been isolated from different organs without associated pathologic changes other than coagulative necrosis of the spleen (6) and a testicular abscess (9).
The supplementation of n-3 PUFA to ATV had got favourable effects on fibrinogen, Factor VII and PAI-1-lowering, compared to ATV alone, with an improvement of fibrinolytic and coagulative profiles, as already emphasized in some studies such as the CARDIA (Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults)57 and the ARIC58 studies.
After the thyroidectomies, histopathologic examination of each treated nodule revealed cavities, focal coagulative necrosis, hemorrhage, and one case of central thrombosis.
If you are coagulating over great vessels or the ureter or part of the bowel, the coagulative process may extend to damage those structures, and so people are a bit jumpy about burning onto those structures.
It may be less contradictory to conclude that thrombosis follows a troika of (1) circulation (invariably interrupted), which must cause (2) vascular endothelial death if it fails for long, and may thus entrain (3) the coagulative property of normal blood to obstruct vessel tract(s) thus rendered prenecrotic or worse.
Vierordt introduced coagulation time as an index of blood coagulative power.
The Somnoplasty procedure for obstructive sleep apnea generates heat at approximately 85(Degree)C (185(Degree)F) to create finely controlled coagulative lesions at precise locations within the upper airway including base of tongue.
After heat though to lower too much, the bubbled composition would not be coagulative enough to shape, as shown in table 5.
Hwang concluded that using China Medical HIFU therapy system to treat pancreas is feasible and safe, and lesion formation of coagulative necrosis and apoptosis can be observed following proper treatment protocol.
Because SMOOTH pulses are longer than the epidermal TRT, the effect of SMOOTH mode is gentle coagulative heating of the skin without any significant ablation of the epidermis.
Foci of coagulative necrosis were present, resulting in a vaguely granulomatous appearance (Figure 1, B).