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The coagulator can be used then to treat the affected areas.
Bidder offering US Medical Innovations, LLC's product wins GAO protest seeking to rescind $212,000 federal contract award for electrosurgical generators and Argon Plasma Coagulators to provider of ERBE GmbH products
The roles of the surgeon and assistant surgeon could be influenced by their interest and experience in splenic salvage surgery, (15) the availability of prosthetic material such as mesh for splenic salvage surgery, (31-33) and the availability of technology that facilitates splenic salvage surgery, such as an argon beam coagulator (34,35) or intra-operative laboratory back-up.
The ExplorAr Plasma Cutting Electrode (APCE) an Australian invention, with the ConMed Argon Beam Coagulator (ABC) has replaced conventional electrosurgical techniques.
Grant Dench, 44, of Burnopfield, County Durham, design for a QeeZee bag contains a unique chemical coagulator, which turns its contents into a gel to prevent leakage and eliminate odour.
Consultants describe the state-of-the-art Argon Plasma Coagulator (APC) as "a new tool in our armament".
Hemostasis is accomplished using intracorporeal suturing, argon beam coagulator and fibrin sealant (Floseal Tisseel, Baxter, Vienna, Austria) (Fig.
The wavelength of the KTP laser (532 nm) is selectively and highly absorbed in blood pigments such as hemoglobin, making it an excellent coagulator and resulting in minimal bleeding during nasal surgery.
However, the HARMONIC device seems to be more versatile than the other devices--it's not just a coagulator, it can also be used to cut, to grasp, and even to dissect structures.
His assessment is based on the results of a small study in which I1 of 17 women with superficial endometriosis received only conscious sedation during pain mapping, treatment of endometriosis lesions with an argon plasma beam coagulator, and repeat pain mapping.
Canady received a US patent for a surgical coagulator device patent #5,207,675 and in 1999; the European patent office issued the corresponding patent.