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The technologist was surprised to note a well formed coagulum and checked the patient information form to determine:
However, these lesions are easily distinguished microscopically, as they are seen as a cavity consisting of fibrous connective tissue and fibroblasts, and containing eosinophilic coagulum.
Syneresis depends on the water holding capacity of proteins, which depends on the protein content and the type of protein,the most important structural of fermentd milk is the strength of the coagulum and its ability to binding water (Abou-El-Nour et al.
1A) of each one and filled with: animal's coagulum (Group I, n=5), monoolein gel (Group II, n=5), MTA in aqueous solution (Group III, n=5), MTA combined with monoolein gel as a carrier (Group IV, n=5).
A blood coagulum may also be susceptible to wound infection [Bergenholtz and Spangberg, 2004].
Wet gum was determined by weighing the amount, in grams, of the coagulum on the blade and thermocouple.
Key features of this high specification vat include unique construction, highly efficient and exact cutting of the coagulum and extremely accurate and reliable control of the heating profile.
The alkaline seminal vesicle fluid contributes 70% of semen volume and provides additional components, including the enzymes for coagulum formation.
The disruption of chemical bonds at the molecular level produces a proteinaceous coagulum that effectively seals blood vessels.