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Neat latex and Na-MMT or CNC reinforced nanocomposites had average particle size around 120 nm and without coagulum, revealing that nano additives did not affect copolymer particle size.
The alkaline seminal vesicle fluid contributes 70% of semen volume and provides additional components, including the enzymes for coagulum formation.
The disruption of chemical bonds at the molecular level produces a proteinaceous coagulum that effectively seals blood vessels.
The cross-linked proteins form a matrix that traps fat globules to create a gel or coagulum.
Coagulum, yes, a coagulum of night, suspended between the sea and the sky like a cathedral on fire.
Dissolution of wound coagulum and promotion of granulation tissue under DuoDERM.
To permit better heat transfer during polymerization because of reduced coagulum deposition (plating) on the reactor walls and lowered vidcosity resulting in easier stirring and increased heat transfer.
Gold-tip ablation catheter technology significantly reduces the rate of charring and coagulum formation, which is a marker for increased safety for the patients.
This is achieved through both internal cooling and external washing of the tip electrode, which is designed to reduce coagulum at the proximal edges of the tip.
This is aimed at the emulsion polymer market where it provides excellent emulsion and pre-emulsion stability, increases operating efficiencies by minimizing grit and coagulum in the reaction producing enhanced latex properties such as high solids and excellent mechanical stability.
The blade simultaneously cuts tissue and coagulates it by breaking hydrogen bonds and denaturing protein to form a sticky coagulum.