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The company said COALESCE combines the osseointegration capabilities of porous metal implants with the favorable imaging and mechanical properties of traditional PEEK implants.
In order to support the expansion, Coalesce has enhanced its management team with the appointments of Dr Colin Dalton as Chairman of the Board and Director, Mr James Tibbatts as Head of Business Development, and Mrs Samantha Shelley as Quality Manager.
Asked if they have already sealed an alliance with six other senators, the Senate leader reiterated that: We could coalesce with six.
In the standard planet-formation theory, planets arise exclusively when gas and dust coalesce within disks encircling young stars.
The alternation of blurred and perfectly focused areas evokes spaces that are unapproachable; in the viewer's imagination they coalesce into land-, sea-, or cityscapes.
They coalesce into lovely patterns that leave one odd, lonely figure, and then the patterns disintegrate.
AS the gas began to coalesce, new stars burned off the hydrogen fog.
All the threat, fear, and intimidation seem to handily coalesce into a well turned-out challenge which dances perilously close to the unbecoming bummer of bitterness.
In each photograph, change and stasis, clarity and fog, detail and totality oscillate, creating a theater of "non-happening," what the artist calls "time exposed." With a few significant departures, this show represented a continuation of Sugimoto's ongoing photographic series, begun in the mid '70s, in which images are produced by leaving the camera shutter open for as long as three hours, allowing the passage of time to coalesce into the single moment a still photograph purports to represent.
These vignettes, however, no more cohere into a sensible tale than the choked syllables coalesce into a discernible language.
Though striking and technically accomplished, Odd Nerdrum's recent paintings seem at first like so much virtuosic pastiche, as if, after eating a particularly rich meal late at night, one saw all the great paintings on the second floor of the Metropolitan coalesce into one enormous work of nightmarish intensity, in which all the illnesses and shortcomings of man loomed up out of varnished brown sauce.
Such disks are the stuff from which planets coalesce. But Orion's protoplanetary disks are being eroded by the harsh ultraviolet light and intense winds from a massive star within the nebula.