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Debris from the collision coalesced into Charon, with a bit left over to make the newfound moons.
This event was a networking venue where many of the exciting ideas in the digital imaging space coalesced for insight into future industry directions," said Kristy Holch, Group Director at InfoTrends Research Group.
The alliance coalesced within 10 days after Katrina's landfall specifically to offer the Tulane students and faculty a place to continue their work.
He coalesced some of the health care industry's best teams in the areas of care management, managed care and information management and provided leadership to successful turnarounds in these areas.
At 200,000 times atmospheric pressure and a temperature of 2,500 kelvins, the powder coalesced into an extraordinarily hard, dense, black plug about the size of a poppy seed.
Autorino also indicated that the merger of Shared Technologies and Fairchild Communications was the key event of 1996 and that the cultures of the two companies, though very different, have coalesced.
That suggests the newfound planet coalesced in a region at least three times the Earth-sun distance from the main star in HD 188753.
We've coalesced creative, marketing and technological expertise into one, full-service shop to help clients easily and effectively pursue their on-line marketing goals.
Very young planets generate their own infrared light by gravitational contraction of the material that coalesced to make them.