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flocculation, sedimentation and coalescence, which, may take place separately or simultaneously and depend upon the viscosity of continuous media, droplet size, number and charge of droplets, as expected by the following Equations [18, 22, 23].
We also examine the mechanism by which the particles adsorb at the interface at sufficiently high coverage to prevent coalescence.
However, unlike the traditional tree analysis, these new modified decision trees do not allow for the use of the coalescence procedure when the decision problem is symmetrical and, therefore, they may not be as efficient as the traditional trees.
The following section analyses vowel coalescence as one of the phonological processes that are used to remove vowel sequences in Nambya.
This allowed us to observe that each nanocrystal can either grow steadily through the addition of monomers from solution or by merging with another nanocrystal in random coalescence events," he added.
The numerical solution of the dynamic PBE is a notably difficult problem due to a number of numerical complexities and model uncertainties regarding the particle breakage and coalescence mechanisms and are often poorly understood.
For Raiffeisen Zentralbank Director Karl Sevelda observed: "This partnership between the airports of Vienna and Bratislava represents a unique opportunity to speed up the coalescence of the region and promote economic development.
Major crack development due to void growth and coalescence catalyzed by thermal mismatch stress finally led to an open joint.
The Assembly document Planning Policy Wales states, oThe purpose of a green belt is to prevent the coalescence of large towns and cities with other settlements; manage urban form through controlled expansion of urban areas; assist in safeguarding the countryside from encroachment; protect the setting of an urban area; assist in urban regeneration by encouraging the recycling of derelict and other urban land.
Planetary scientists call such a fragile coalescence a rubble pile (SN: 7/28/01, p.
Usually, it is assumed in the continuous growth equation by coalescence, that mass and terminal velocity of the collected drops are negligible in comparison with the mass and velocity of the collector drop.