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Our approach is inherently genealogical and, hence, bears some similarity to traditional coalescent theory (Griffiths 1980; Kingman 1982a,b; Hudson 1983; Tavare 1984; Watterson 1984; Griffiths and Tavare 1997).
Using a structured coalescent approach, we calculated the proportion of the trunk assigned to each geographic region (Table 2).
Maximum-likelihood estimation of migration rates and effective population numbers in two populations using a coalescent approach.
This conclusion is further supported by global AMOVA values and estimates of migration (M) based on a coalescent method.
cubic [right arrow] reflected (and-or) coalescent Brownian motions
1) To treat the continuous coalescent description of population relationships, we used the method of Wilkins and Wakeley (2002) to estimate [N.
Thus, the coalescent model determines the relative timing of speciation and extinction events in a density-dependent fashion.
Coalescent technology played a key role in the transition to water-based coatings.
Eastman Texanol ester alcohol, the premier coalescent for latex paints, provides the highest level of film integrity at low levels of coalescent.
Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo coalescent analyses were conducted to investigate recent evolutionary history of influenza A virus H7 and N9 subtypes in eastern Asia by using BEAST version 1.