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Most beaches from Amble to Hartlepool, piers and promenades, are also giving coalfish and whiting, are giving anglers up to 10 codling with most around 2lb with the odd better one to 4lb.
South Shields Pier is giving plenty of mackerel at times and also fair numbers of herring, with odd codling and coalfish.
The coalfish tipped the scales at 25lb but it wasn't the only specimen fish he landed that day - he also boasted a cracking 21lb turbot.
"When I caught the coalfish I think I expected it to be this big fanfare event but I was sat in a boat in a peaceful fjord an hour below the Arctic circle.
South Shields' small beach has given good sport with coalfish and flounder to 2lb.
Results: 1 Bernard Westgarth - 1lb 9.50oz - 82cm (two flounder, one coalfish); 2 Matthew Garbutt - 10.50oz - 65cm (two flounder, one coalfish; 3 Nick Westgarth - 7.50oz - 48cm (two coalfish); 4 Stan Preston - 1lb 0oz - 33cm (one flounder); 5 Michael Gray - 4.50oz - 24cm (one flounder); Steve Aldred, Stan Preston, Matty Lamb, Dan Redling and Chris Wood failed to return.
There were also a few ling to 7lb and pollack to 5lb and also coalfish with no sign as yet of any mackerel.
Tynemouth pier has produced a few coalfish and dab.
Results: 1 Nick Westgarth 10 (297cm / 5lb 6oz) - four flounder, five coalfish, one eel, 2 Mick Gray six (200cm 6lb 2oz) - all flounder; 3 Matty Lamb six (157cm / 1lb 12.75oz) - one flounder, four coalfish, one eel; 4 Colin Sharp four (142cm / 2lb 11oz) - three flounder, one eel; 5 Chris Wood three (123cm / 1lb 4oz) - all eel; 6 Steve Aldred three (104cm / 1lb 13.50oz) - one flounder, one coalfish, one eel; 7 Stan Preston three (77cm / 10.75oz) - two coalfish, one eel; 8 Bernard Westgarth three (75cm 12.25oz) - all coalfish; 9 Dan Redling one (28cm 8oz) - flounder; 10 Matthew Garbutt none.
Allan said that there were numerous cod between 30lb and 40lb taken on a 750 gram leadheads - known as Big Bobs - with a mainly black plastic body representing coalfish, which is what the cod were feeding on.
Coalfish and pollack are lookalike relatives of cod and so often confused that it sometimes takes an expert to tell them apart.
Davy Carrs won Blyth's match with two coalfish and four cod for 12lb 1oz, his best 6lb 8oz.