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noun affiliation, alliance, amalgamation, association, binding, bond, cartel, combination, combine, coming together, community, concurrence, confluence, conglomerate, congress, conjoining, conjunctio, conjuncture, connection, consociation, consolidation, consortium, conspiratio, convergence, cooperation, fellowship, fusing, fusion, fusion of interests, group, integration, interlocking, joint concern, joint endeavor, junction, league, meeting, merger, merging, mixture, muuual concern, partnership, society, sodality, syndicate, union, union of factions, unity
See also: affiliation, alliance, assemblage, association, band, cabal, cartel, centralization, coaction, coalescence, combination, compact, company, concert, confederacy, connection, consortium, conspiracy, contact, contribution, corporation, federation, incorporation, institute, integration, league, merger, organization, pact, partnership, party, pool, relation, relationship, side, society, syndicate, union, unity

COALITION, French law. By this word is understood an unlawful agreement among several persons, not to do a thing except on some conditions agreed upon.
     2. The most usual coalitions are, 1st. those which take place among master workmen, to reduce, diminish or fix at a low rate the wages of journeymen and other workmen; 2d. those among workmen or journeymen, not to work except at a certain price. These offences are punished by fine and imprisonment. Dict. de Police, h.t. In our law this offence is known by the name of conspiracy. (q.v.)

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Unlike the Christian Coalition, Hunter does not reflexively bash Democrats.
But we felt we needed to support the agreement with the BCS and the coalition schools.
Because curriculum development and validation is a time-consuming and costly endeavor, the coalition adapted an existing curriculum--Fatherhood Development: A Curriculum for Young Fathers, (12) developed by Public Private Ventures and distributed by the National Center for Strategic Non-Profit Planning and Community Leadership (NPCL)--to use as the foundation for the Man2Man program.
Coalition meetings, offering new legislative language and heading off weakening amendments are frequent routes lobbyists must consider with each burgeoning advocacy campaign.
In Paradise, caring surfaces as a function of coalition processes, as a collective endeavor with activist claims, as a mechanism for "address[ing] social and political inequalities" (Jaggar 132).
Large Fortune 500 firms, once concerned about the loss of independence attendant with traditional cooperatives, are quite responsive to coalition models that promote flexibility and choice.
Shaw further notes that state coalitions will not allow tribes to participate unless the state has certified their programs.
military departments may be gleaned from the AFSAC experience that can be drawn on to ensure FMS contributes to coalition defense planning and operations.
Faced with a common enemy, the state's land trusts, affordable housing advocates, historical preservation groups and environmentalists formed the Housing and Conservation Coalition, hired an attorney, drafted a bill that would create a joint trust fund, and launched a successful lobbying effort to pass it in 1987.
Though Wilkes' coalition reports that many groups are backing its plan--including the Association for Protection of the Elderly in Lexington, South Carolina, and the Nursing Home Monitors in Godfrey, Illinois--some weren't pleased with the fact that the group presented them in a press release announcing the event as participants when they were only attendees.
First, lackluster fundraising forced him to lay off nearly one fifth of the employees at the Christian Coalition, his powerful right-wing political group.
After expunging several moderates from key leadership positions in several state Republican conventions beginning in 1994, as well as contributing to the landslide victory of Republicans in the November 1994 elections, the Christian Coalition has emerged in 1996 as the dominant and most influential lobbying group in the Republican Party--and arguably the most influential in American politics today.

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