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COALITION, French law. By this word is understood an unlawful agreement among several persons, not to do a thing except on some conditions agreed upon.
     2. The most usual coalitions are, 1st. those which take place among master workmen, to reduce, diminish or fix at a low rate the wages of journeymen and other workmen; 2d. those among workmen or journeymen, not to work except at a certain price. These offences are punished by fine and imprisonment. Dict. de Police, h.t. In our law this offence is known by the name of conspiracy. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Johnson's reforms to higher education, which may have had an even greater impact on American life than Medicare, were likewise structured around coalitional interests.
[6] Vo, Phuong Luu, et al., "A coalitional game approach for fractional cooperative caching in content-oriented networks," Computer Networks the International Journal of Computer & Telecommunications Networking, 77.C:144-152, 2015.
Just like in the advanced industrial countries, partisan preferences could not necessarily be translated fully into policies because of veto points, coalitional pressures, and policy legacies.
(7) It aims, first and foremost, to establish that a form of party cartelization has indeed long afflicted coalitional politics in democratic Indonesia.
Impishly refusing the state's mobilization of identity in biopolitical differentiation between populations, I suggest, can help forge more capacious and coalitional "moral geographies" that exceed identitarian terms (De Genova, 2002; Garelli and Tazzioli, 2013).
The head of state congratulated Borisov for the coalitional agreement signed minutes earlier with the United Patriots coalition, which rules that the new cabinet will be headed by the GERB leader and voiced to the public his expectation that the coalitional partners would present respectable ministerial candidates.
Here I draw on a long tradition of coalitional analysis within the literature on comparative political economy, according to which the content and stability of national policy regimes can be fully explained only with reference to their underlying support coalitions.
Third, in his talks with Bhulabhai Desai, leader of the Congress Party in the Central Assembly in 1944, he proposed parity between Congress and the League in any future set up at the Centre, besides coalitional governments in the provinces and they became the core points in the Desai-Liaquat formula "Pact".
The Leap project is still very much an iteration of the loose coalitional networks that have been part of social activism in Canada since the peace movement against the cruise missile of the early 1980s through to the anti-globalization uprisings of the 2000s.
Interdependence, she maintains, is coalitional work that disables the everyday and mundane work of writing program administration.