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Effective implementation requires participation from a variety of key players within finance, academia, government and business, achieved through a top-down and bottom-up, coalitional approach to climate action.
Electoral, partisan, and coalitional particularism (i.
Renaissance Capital released an analysis looking at the possibility of a coalitional government in Turkey and reforms that would enhance Turkey's long-term growth trajectory.
often coalitional rather than individual, (28) a study of changes in the
As discussed earlier in the paper, existing research on emerging market multinationals highlights the gap-filling and coalitional functions (Langlois 2010) of institutions such as the state and business groups that facilitate risk-taking behavior of firms.
International structures and institutions play an intermediate role in each coalition and have influence on the domestic coalitional interplay.
Sadly, military coups punctuated the period after the October Revolution - 41 years out of the 50 years, except for a respite period of time -- 9 years -- of coalitional quasi-democratic type dominated by leaders of the two religious Sectarian Parties, the Umma Party (UP) and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).
Some of these coalitional approaches are represented by the notions of strong Nash equilibrium (SNE), coalition-proof Nash equilibrium (CPNE), and pairwise strong Nash equilibrium (PSNE) (Dutta and Mutuswami 1997; Grilles and Sarangi 2010; Jackson 2004).
Yet, he puts--convincingly to my mind --the military dimension in a broader context of the entire war, recounting the general state of the Ottoman Empire, the diverse British strategic-political interests, and the intricate coalitional relationship among British, French, and Arabs.
Second, intra-alliance rivalry short of open conflict, particularly in coalitions unified by transnational revisionist ideologies, can lead to a competitive bidding process for the mantle of coalitional leadership as each member drives the other to increased belligerence.
Building on Connolly's proposal to engage in an "ethos of presumptive generosity" as counter-strategy to politics of the bellicose, (1) I explore the dynamics of a provisional politics inspired by grace interpreted as practices of coalitional adaptability.
USPCN participated in and led coalitional efforts in many of the cities where we have chapters or members --New York, Detroit, the Bay Area, Chicago, St.