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From the horizontal juxtapositions of the introduction to the alternative contact that Lai, King, and Sheffer consider in their essays, from the mimetic dynamism of Fung's analysis of Asian-Native coalitional politics around Alcatraz to the postcolonial liminality considered by Pegues in Shoki Kayamori's frontier photography, these essays delve into the US national discourses that construct and represent Native and Asian bodies and lives through the competing logics of incorporation, assimilation, and exclusion.
Durability is a defining feature of these coalitional actors.
In the twenty-five years since Bernice Johnson Reagon addressed the West Coast Women's Music Festival on the importance of coalitions, many feministsboth scholars and activists--have argued for the centrality of coalitional strategies for feminist social change.
The edited volume contains 16 essays, organized in five parts: Latino identity politics, Latino political action, Latino coalitional politics, Latino political representation, and the future of Latino politics research, in addition to the introduction and foreword.
Here's the rub: the more one engages the evangelical--or for that matter the shades of progressive orthodox theology--in the interest of a more coalitional Christian witness, the more one jeopardizes the secular pluralist conversation.
This new regime emphasizes: (1) flexibility for enterprise; (2) geographic re-scaling of economic and social intervention; (3) replacement of entitlements with obligations on the part of citizens; and (4) coalitional power-holding spanning governmental, civil-society, and profit-motivated actors (Jessop, 1994; see also Jessop, 2003; Peck, 2002).
Second, even if we were to decide that the messy party system of the 1950s were preferable to today's mess, it's not clear how we could simply reverse six decades of organizational and coalitional transformation.
Sonia Gandhi said at the end of this conference, "The fact that we are going through a coalitional phase in national politics reflects in many ways the decline of the Congress.
Researchers from Nayang Technological University and Singapore Management University have done extensive work in the security game area, including designing algorithms for solving large-scale security games, handling significant adversarial uncertainty, and understanding spatiotemporal and coalitional dynamics.
And since African Americans benefit when Democrats are able to enact economically progressive policies like universal health coverage, they have a big stake in the success of that kind of coalitional politics.
Besides, in some existing works, there are some ideas using the clustering techniques that are similar to the coalitional game.
But many also see Biya as crucial in holding together the coalitional nature of Cameroonian politics.