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Marx is an applicant or coapplicant on pending patent applications focusing on the use of neurosteroids and derivatives for central nervous system disorders and for lowering cholesterol (no patents issued, no licensing in place; VA 208 waiver in place).
Two weeks after the final interview, my coapplicant, who graduated with honors from a top university, told me that the job vacancy had been reposted on the website.
12) While Jonathan's mother may raise his interests in her application for judicial review, without Jonathan as a coapplicant she may be deported before these arguments can be heard--because without Jonathan as a coapplicant she faces several potentially fatal obstacles to winning her motion for a stay of her removal.
CPhA actually worked hard to change the status of levonorgestrel to a Schedule II classification: It was a coapplicant in the procedure along with the Canadian distributor, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), other health professional associations and various women's health organizations.
Second, they collect personal information that could affect creditworthiness, including age, gender, and presence of a coapplicant.
Spread spectrum is today's name for a "secret communication technique" conceived in the fertile mind of the glamorous actress Hedy Lamarr, who in 1942 was coapplicant on the technology's founding patent [see "Beauty Belies Brains," p.
Women borrowers should be sole applicants or first of the coapplicants and also the sole/ first co- owners of the property to avail of the benefit extended to them.
122) The MS4 must have authority pursuant to a statute, ordinance, or series of contracts that, at minimum, enables the MS4 to control the contribution of pollutants to the MS4 by industrial sources, prohibit illicit discharges, control spills and illegal dumping, control contribution of pollutants among coapplicants, require compliance with storm water conditions, and carry out inspections and compliance actions to ensure permit compliance and prohibit illicit discharges.
In almost every case, the cities and counties joined with coapplicants that were below the 100,000 population threshold.