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During injection molding, the morphology of both systems coarsens.
The quenched samples were allowed to coarsen for the time required to reach a selected constant size, or q-value, at [Delta]T = 1.
The algorithm may coarsen down to a single point or alternatively stop coarsening when some specified criterion is attained.
He said: 'These kinds of lyrics, these kinds of images do not turn people into murderers but what they do is coarsen our sensibilities as a society and we should be very, very wary of that because it ends up in some very dangerous places.
Once again, tonight, in fact, Bill Clinton and Al Gore will stage a reprise of their Hollywood dinner act, putting their hands into the pockets of those who manufacture the movies, music videos and compact discs that twist our children's minds, coarsen their conversation, and darken their thoughts.
The question persists: Does this language coarsen society or make it more honest?
1], should be exponential in the early stage and slow down as the structure starts to coarsen in the late stage.
Some details, like Musa's story about the monkeys, lend themselves to dramatic presentation, but for the most part externalising what it is internalised in the book tends to coarsen it.
A well-known phenomenon is that blend morphologies coarsen as soon as the blend leaves the extruder.