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It should be pointed here that, in this modeling, all gray-color voxel in the coarsened gray-color images were simply converted to the black-color voxel in the new coarsened B/W images due to the unavailability of useful data that can be used in Step 4 as additional thresholding criterion for these samples.
2] sharing the same hanging node are coarsened, which leads to a coarse conforming triangulation, as shown in Figure 2(b).
In this work, we employ eigenresiduals as a theoretical tool to demonstrate the accuracy of estimating eigenvectors on graphs coarsened using the knowledge of LSEVs.
They then took a closer look at these problem areas using a variety of techniques with different length scale resolutions and discovered that the finely-structured nanomaterials on these electrodes that allow the battery rapidly charge and discharge had coarsened in size.
Flotation of graphite was eliminated, dendrite arm spacing was increased, metastable eutectic interlamellar spacing was decreased and eutectic grain size was coarsened.
At the same time, the campy shock value of Alice Cooper's glam coarsened into the creepy violence of Marilyn Manson's goth.
While the pundits who love to decry negative ads portray a political culture that has coarsened terribly, one must admit something has changed for the better now that such a self-defense seems ludicrous and beside the point.
But how coarsened has public discourse become when downsizing, higher unemployment, and the export of American jobs overseas is routinely a source of exultation for "the market"?
Everything will be coarsened up, and the information is going to be sensed grid square by grid square," says cartographer Andrew Tatham, Keeper of the Royal Geographical Society in London.
Whatever the outcome, the tragedy of this round was the process whereby the two leaders celebrated waste and death and coarsened their people for slaughter.
Benchmarking efforts against a number of existing generation, commercially available simulators have demonstrated that the Nexus software program can simulate some faulted and coarsened models over 20 times faster than current commercial simulators, which means simulation in hours instead of days.
Blossom floated from the branches, Light as snowflakes touched those two friends, Coarsened fur and faded hair And bent transparent hands.