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In this work, we address more general problems, including nonsymmetric ones, and consider automatic aggregation with an appropriate coarsening algorithm, resulting in a fully algebraic method.
Considering that the cellular structure observed resulted from a NG process and from a coalescence-type coarsening, the composition path shown on the ternary diagram in Fig.
In what follows, we discuss an implementation of a coarsening algorithm that uses compatible relaxation.
In 1999, Bill Bennett's public organization Empower America awarded Murdoch's Fox Network their Silver Sewer Award "in recognition of Fox's outrageous contribution to the degradation and coarsening of our culture and its unswerving dedication to the pursuit of profit above principle.
Previous investigations have shown that the coarsening of the blend morphology (coalescence) during processing, e.
In Section 2, we discuss contemporary coarse-grid selection algorithms, and present the components of independent set-based coarsening algorithms.
Apologists for the coarsening of America's values by the media say that sex has always been with us in drama and literature.
When this cell coarsening occurs, the cell-population density deteriorates, as in the case of cell coalescence.
Excessive additions of Sr do not produce aluminum banding or silicon coarsening.
It very successfully reduces the appearance of the wrinkles and coarsening that accompanies aging skin.
They do this by extending the original grid hierarchically by a factor a, while coarsening the grid at the same time.
The horrors of partial-birth abortion and the coarsening of American culture during Clinton's presidency have contributed to a considerable shift in public opinion to becoming more pro-life on abortion.