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Perhaps this coarsening of the public discourse is part and parcel of the crude society we have degenerated into.
Higgins and Roberge (2003) have shown that the Communicating Neighbors Model textural coarsening could also be a response to amphibole oikocrysts existence.
After good nodes are identified, coarsening of conforming stars can be done by considering the (L, R) type of positioning.
1) The UTS of all alloys decreased continuously with the increase in the aging treatment due to coarsening of the precipitated particles [20, 22].
In the present article, we focus on developing an alternative compatible relaxation coarsening algorithm that uses an algebraic distance measure to select coarse variables and interpolatory sets.
Generalised thinning of the hair, feeling the cold, coarsening of the skin and putting on weight.
Although this is what you might expect from 'junior science fiction', sometimes the unremitting wham-bam pace risks over-simplifying and coarsening the characters' experiences.
The more jazzy material is to be found at the beginning and the end, both written by Calderazzo, where the pair really let it all hang out, Branford coarsening his tone to suit the robust nature of the material.
Within the sand unit B a number of distinct coarsening and fining upward sequences can be identified which reflect frequent sea level fluctuations.
Many people, pundits and lay citizens from across the political spectrum, bemoan what they consider the increasing coarsening of public discourse.
Panhandling, loitering, drug dealing, assaults, and allegations of illicit sexual activity have all contributed to a coarsening of the city's public spaces.
The process is also called phase-ordering dynamics, or domain growth or coarsening, and the study of it requires tools from a number of the physical sciences.