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Moreover, it is interesting to note that the pore/ligament size of BHPPd did not coarsen obviously and even the concentration of HCl aqueous solution increased from 0.1 M to 0.5 M (Figures 3(b) and 3(c)), which can be attributed to the small surface diffusivities of Pd atoms [21].
Mahsun E[currency]amgil, who is suffering from rare disease of Acromegaly, supplicates for help as his hands and a leg coarsens continuously.
Figure 11 shows how the range [Delta] [[Phi]] shifts while the morphology coarsens. The final steady-state position [Delta] [[Phi]] (r [right arrow] [infinity]) is reached quite fast, at a coarseness of 1 [Mu]m.
She slowly coarsens, the placid existence to which she has been accustomed crumbles around her, and she disapears.
As thyroid hormone levels fall over the following months, skin becomes rough and dry, hair coarsens and mental activity, including concentration and memory, may become impaired.