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It is expressed in legal style, and sounds coarser than perhaps he intended.
Stubble may look darker and coarser because it has not yet been exposed to sun and other wearing elements.
Balance thin layers of grass with thicker, coarser stuff, or mix with shredded newspaper.
All volumetric powder measures should be checked against a scale because the graduations will have different values between the coarser Fg and FFg and finer FFFg and FFFFg black powders.
Higher austempering temperatures result in coarser structures that exhibit good ductility and dynamic properties.
As well as food grade pure dried vacuum salt, the plant also produces a coarser granular product as well as tablets.
Other blue bloomers you might want to try would include Veronica species, with dense arrays of blue flower spires; Geranium 'Johnson Blue' and other true geranium cultivars, whose flowers and foliage are more delicate and understated than the coarser and flashier ivy and zonal geraniums; bluebeard (Caryopteris incana), whose ethereal blue inflorescences surround the stem; butterfly flower (Clerodendron ugadense), so-named because of its flowers' exact resemblance to porcelain blue butterflies, antennae included; and 'Blue Fortune' giant hyssop (Agastache), with robust flower spikes reaching nearly a foot in length.
Putting the coarser screen first catches the bigger particles on the upstream surface.
The subject of some of these representations owned by Sylvius, a large finely-painted Quack Doctor by Gerard Dou and a smaller coarser one byAdriaen Brouwer, also tell us something about the sense of humor of this celebrated physician.
We observed that red maple fibers the longer and coarser than sugar maple fibers but that sugar maple fibers have thicker wails and a smaller fiber center-line perimeter.
This material, coarser than the reddish hematite that gives Mars its rusty color, usually forms after hot water flows through and dissolves iron from rocks.
I used the cut the magazine to shreds, making the most of the free posters and song lyrics, and thinking how cool I was to be into a magazine which used coarser language than the fish wives on the sea front.